Website Optimisation

The warehouse is fully stocked. Your shop is on-line. But can anyone find you? Or worse, your cost of sale (COS) is spiraling out of control,  DOM Marketing offers a range of website optimisation packages to help place your business where everyone can find it, and reduce your cost of sale. We aim to put your on-line shop among the top search engine results for the most widely-searched keywords related to your products.

Our Website Optimisation Package Includes:

  • On-page SEO – We will call on our near-25 years of cumulative knowledge in E-Commerce SEO to ensure the words on your website match what your customers are searching for. Working with DOM Marketing will ensure that your pages are high-quality and distinctive, meaning you stand out to both human and machine readers.
  • Technical SEO – Success on the Internet is not all about the visible written word. We will optimise the technical features of your site to ensure that search engines such as Google are able to easily find your products

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