YouTube Teams With Google to Offer Better Ad Targeting

14th February 2017

In a surprisingly belated move, YouTube is now offering YouTube advertising users new ad targeting options by teaming up with their owners at Google. Previously, advertisers were able to target users based on a number of criteria, such as their YouTube viewing histories.

According to a post on the inside AdWords blog dated Friday 20th January. “YouTube advertisers’ information from activity associated with users’ Google accounts (such as demographic information and past searches) may be used to influence the ads those users see on YouTube. So, for example, if you’re a retailer, you could reach potential customers that have been searching for winter coat deals on Google and engage with them with your own winter clothing brand campaign at just the right moment.


Match Targeting Improvements for YouTube Ads

Advertisers will also now be able to use customer match targeting with their YouTube videos and ads, giving the ability to target their own customers, in new ways, reflecting the fact that users today are interacting with YouTube, and Google, across multiple screens. (Over 50% of YouTube views are now on mobile.)

For years, Google has stood it search services and the ads on its other owned service away from each other. However, with greater convergence and increased competition in the ad world from the likes of Facebook, it seems that there has been a push to increase revenue from the other sources including YouTube Advertising.

Whilst the existence of an effective duopoly is less than ideal for advertisers the large data volume on offer, across locations and increasingly across devices could lead to more accurate and more effective targeting and less spend, perhaps offering a trade-off to the ad industry.