YouTube News and Your Video Marketing

Google-owned video site YouTube is looking to join it’s owner in the news aggregation world, by pushing authoritative news content and information videos to the top of its search results. But, how could this help your video based marketing?


Google statement on YouTube improvements

In a statement, Google said that they would also be setting out to combat fake news and promoting authoritative news sources on the search part of its system. The company said it is “committing $25M to a YouTube-specific investment” to target and work on these challenges. Most of the money is expected to be spent in-house at Google to improve the YouTube search results and algorithm.


How can this benefit my video marketing strategy?

Again and again, Google has hammered home its belief that authoritative content is the way to go.  It stands to reason then, that well put together and thoughtfully produced content on trends and styles that incorporate your products as examples, should be able to perform well as this algorithm rolls out away from its core content of breaking news into opinion. This will be particularly true of qazi-news topics, such as fashion or technology


Technology requirements for making YouTube videos

The technology required for video is relatively basic, just good lighting and a high-quality camera or even a smartphone should be good enough in a well-lit room.

Another technology you may wish to consider is a relatively fast PC to serve as an edit server, and some microphones, as the type used within cameras tend to be simultaneously thin sounding and echoey.


Where will the YouTube new services roll out first?

YouTube also said it has expanded its Top News and Breaking News features to a total of 17 countries, including the US, the UK, France, Italy, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria and more. That number will double in the coming months.

The change is due to roll out, beginning with the USA over the upcoming weeks.