Making the Most of Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the largest websites on the planet, as you would expect from the king of user-generated content, the platform runs its own advertising, totally independently of any other platform.

Facebook ads are the only way to advertise on Facebook

Whilst you might be able to get in the ad space of numerous third parties using display and retargeting from the likes of Google, you will not be able to reach the millions of Facebook (and Instagram) users using this method.  Luckily, Facebook advertising is far easier and cost-effective than it first appears, particularly when you use a specialist agency such as DOM Marketing as your guide to this exciting marketplace.


How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook per month?

The cost of advertising on Facebook is a difficult question to answer. It is entirely dependent on the level or reach you wish to achieve in your marketplace and the market conditions that surround your brand, goods and services. However, it is possible to answer these questions once an accurate benchmark has been established.


How do I establish an advertising cost benchmark on Facebook?

The simple answer to establish costs is to run a test campaign.  Within Facebook, we can be very sure of the cost inputs in terms of advertising fees and the outputs in terms of sales.  This is achieved by placing a tracking pixel on your site that is able to report on the sales and clicks generated by your ad spend.  Using this data, we are able to work out a cost of sale that is scalable.

If for instance, your cost of sale is 5% of your revenue (a figure that can be achieved in some sectors via Facebook) then we can assume that increasing your ad spend will continue to bring you sales at 5% until you have saturated the market for your product.  This PPC metric will only charge for people delivered to your landing page.  You simply monitor sales that arise from your social media ad spend, leaving an easy calculation of the value of the sales and its scalability.


Are Facebook ads worth the money?

This is a question that is often asked. Facebook is like any other PPC platform. You only pay for leads delivered to your landing page. The only difference being that they are been delivered from within the Facebook platform as carousels or text/image combinations in a similar manner to display ads in other platforms. The nature of PPC means that you are only paying when someone expresses an interest in your product by clicking the ad. The only drawbacks are if your site is not converting the traffic sent from Facebook, but this issue also occurs with all other forms of advertising.

In short, if your site converts from other forms of PPC, then you should see similar conversion rates from Facebook.


Facebook advertising carousels and linking to products

Facebook ads, whilst PPC based are more akin to Google Shopping ads that the text-based PPC that you may be used to.  DOM Marketing has a number of in-house techniques and processes that enable you to feature your most popular and eye-catching items for sale via a small carousel of product images that link directly to your product page or lookbook article.

These snapshots enable you to show your potential customers a range of your products before they even click through to your site, improving engagement and conversion rates for your featured products.


Expert knowledge and advice for Facebook advertising

If you would like to talk to the PPC and social media professionals at DOM Marketing about your Facebook advertising needs, then simply fill in the form on our contact us page and we will get back to you with our expert knowledge and advice.