Facebook Loses Popularity with Young Adults

31st August 2018

Facebook may be the largest social network, but it is beginning to face tougher competition from a number of platforms including those of its sister brand Instagram.

In figures released this week, it appears that Britons aged 18 to 24 are more likely to use Snapchat than any other social network.

Facebook is hardly shrinking, however: its user base grew by 2% last year. It now reaches a total of 32.7 million users in the UK.  Virtually all of the growth is coming from older people however as teens and millennial adults drift towards competitors, which could prove interesting for the social media advertising market.


The rise of Snapchat

Snapchat has seen a spectacular rise since its 2011 launch and will reach 16.2 million users this year.  At least 5 million of these users are between 18 and 24.  By contrast, Facebook is seeing a decline in this market.  It lost 1.8% of its 4.5 million users in this sector during the past year.  There is also concern amongst Facebook investors that the time spent on their mobile platform is also declining amongst this group of users.

The closure of accounts underlies that move to more mobile native platforms amongst the young. In a recent survey, around 10% of users in younger age groups said they had stopped using the platform.  The discrepancy goes someway to explain the way users think of their own use of Facebook, whilst a small number have closed their accounts or have stopped using it completely, many have “stopped using it” as a day to day platform, their occasional check-ins to see photos from older relatives are enough to keep their account on the platform live, but they are effectively disengaged from the content.


Why use Snapchat?

In a recent Mediacom study 28% of those questioned said they used Snapchat as the, targeting of images, and deletion once viewed, allowed them to show their “real selves” Could it be that the presence of adult family members on other forms of social media such as Facebook is the reason for the move to a more “personal and private space?”


Social advertising

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