Tips to Boost your SEO in 2017

The New Year brings with it a burning desire to improve.  Short of hiring a specialist like DOM Marketing, what can you do to improve your SEO in 2017?


Create Pages with Meaning

One of the best ways of boosting your SEO is to write something that is unique and encourages visitors to the site. Not every article needs to be a work of art, but a mixture of genuinely new information, refresher tips and sustaining articles calling on contemporary events in your field of expertise are a great way of bringing regular viewers to the page.

A consistent source of comment, news and features will also convince the Google bots that your site is a legitimate source of information for the trade and others with an interest in the sector, rather than just a vanity exercise for your website.


Encourage Return Visitors

It’s a general rule of marketing that it is far easier to generate return visits from people who are already aware of your website than trying to attract a fresh visitor each time.  This returning traffic can signal to search engines that the content, as well as being frequently refreshed, is consistently relevant to the same group of people. On the DOM Marketing site, we offer both an RSS feed of our news articles and a newsletter version that highlights the top stories each month.  We then link the “Read More” buttons back to our site.  If you are reading this onsite, you have probably seen our email sign up pop up. If you haven’t already, why not fill it in.


Pay Attention to Metas

Those short, snappy headlines and brief content descriptions are a must for any site, whether it’s a product description or site content, being able to get the word out to search engines, is a key function of the site. These mostly hidden titles are also seen by customers when they are in search, so make the most of your first impression. Also, pay attention to image alt tags. They help search engines to understand what your image is.


Make Browsing Easier

Mobile first indexing seems to be the buzz phrase at Google Towers right now. So, if you are making it more difficult for mobile users to access the site, you could be about to pay a big penalty.  Whilst AMP and the lack of Flash send clear signals about how mobile sites treat their mobile visitors, one signal that the Big G is sure to be watching is the mobile bounce rate.

Even if your site hasn’t yet gone fully responsive (and why not? It is 2017 after all), think about the issues you are causing with unclickable pop-ups, auto-playing videos and audio and other annoyances of mobile broadband users.


Images and Video are Sticky

If you are looking to keep visitors on your site for longer, images and video are the way to go in 2017.  Video has reached such ubiquity, that fashion runway video of models walking in your products is now considered a sensible use of the budget for most successful online retailers.  We are not suggesting that this is needed throughout every item in the range, but offering video for the Top 50 selling products will certainly increase the dwell time on your product pages.  Similarly, why not film some extra content to show the customer the fun side of your business, or if you are in a service industry such as mechanics, then give your customers advice on how to perform basic maintenance on their vehicles.

This is not a by any means an exhaustive list of ideas, but it will provide a template for any site owner looking to grow engagement, page views and their overall position within the search engine results page.