People Also Ask Adds Answers

Google has begun testing an improvement to its “People also Ask” feature meaning the service in some cases now answers the questions as well as posing them.

The new feature has been powered by Google mixing the questions asked within the search engine, with snippets pulled from websites that answer the question for you.  The new direction by Google opens a door for SEO techniques to improve the visibility of websites

Leveraging People Also Ask Replies for E-Commerce

Whilst this feature is rolling out on information answers, there are, of course, ways to leverage this information for e-commerce.

As always, the technique is to add information that Google will be able to pick up on during its searches. This, for many retailers, might mean a slight move away from the core e-commerce services of the site, towards a more curated set of content that is able to build on your domain authority and link to both customers and the products you have on offer.

For instance, it would be perfectly on target for companies selling cookware to offer a series of recipes that could be used with the equipment on sale, but also written in such a way, that snippets could be mined by Google to answer a more general query.

A good example of this would be a question asking about cooking time for hard boiled eggs that could be answered by the cookware supplier with a timing guide and information on the best type of pan to use.

Answers to People Also Ask – Will the Test Become Permanent?

The new feature was first spotted by Sergey Alakov, who noticed that the search results returned for his search for information about the music provider Spotify, was returned with pre-prepared answers already filled in.  As the feature is a test, it is not guaranteed to stay around, however, the development is another clear indication of the direction of travel for search engines.

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