“Online Habits Changing” – Report

The latest report from OFCOM, the UK telecoms regulator has revealed startling changes in how people in the United Kingdom interact with the internet and smartphones. The information included the following:


Online habits in the UK

  • 78% of Britons now have a smartphone. This rises 95% amongst those aged 16 to 24.
  • The average Briton is now online for 24 hours per week. This has doubled in the past 10 years
  • Women now spend more time online than men
  • 25% of Adults now spend more than 40 hours a week online whilst just 12% of British adults said they never used the internet.
  • In 2018, while the average amount of time spent online on a smartphone is now 2 hours 28 minutes a day, rising to 3 hours 14 minutes among 18-24s.
  • In the UK we now check our smartphone for messages including emails every 12 minutes when awake.
  • 40% of adults – rising to 65% of those aged under 35, look at their phone within five minutes of waking up.
  • A third of adults checked their phones up until the moment they went to sleep, a figure which rose to 60% for the under-35s.
  • A fifth of British adults felt stressed if they could not access the internet. 71% say they never turn off their phone, while 78% say they could not live without it.
  • The majority (53%) of adults say they are usually on their phone while watching TV with others.


How we access the internet?

  • 58% of UK households own a tablet. This has barely changed in the last three years.
  • Only 28% of UK households accessing the internet have a desktop PC.
  • Smart TVs are now in 42% of households, meaning access to video sites such as YouTube (and the cheap ad impressions that they offer) are now available in many front rooms and bedrooms.
  • Smart speakers can now be found in 13% of UK households


What do we do online in the UK?

Activity Done in the past week 2018 Done in the past week 2017
General Browsing 69% 80%
Sending and receiving email 66% 76%
Social Media 45% 50%
Instant Messaging 41% 46%
Video and TV 36% 40%
Watching video clips 28% 31%
Online shopping 44% 48%
News 36% 36%
Health information 23% 22%
Work/College information 33% 32%
Podcasts/Spotify 19% 15%
Online Radio 15% 13%


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