Google Speed Update Revealed

It might be time to upgrade your sites and servers if your mobile internet presence is slow. Google has announced that its widely expected Google Speed update is currently been rolled out from its data centres around the world.


What will the Google Speed Update Do?

After nearly 6 months in preparation, the new update to its search algorithm launched on 9th July. So what exactly will it do?

According to Google, the “Speed Update” applies the same standard to all pages, regardless of the technology used to build the page. The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a slow page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content.

In laymen’s speak this means that if you manufacture revolutionary trainers with great technology that cannot be found in any other brand, then you will continue to rank highly. If however, you are a down the line retailer of those same shoes you will enter into a competition with other companies to rank highly for those keywords, unless you are providing a fantastic experience and original content for the user.  So far, no change. But the new update will now use speed on mobile devices as part of the ranking for the site. The slower the site, the lower the page will rank (unless the page is super-relevant to the question asked by the searcher.)


No changes announced to desktop search

There have been no changes announced to the desktop index, although with the modern, mobile-first approach of the search engine, it remains to be seen how long this can hold out, particularly with many sites becoming responsive, rather than designed for mobile/web respectively.

Likewise, despite claims of being platform neutral, the Google-developed Accelerated Mobile Page technology will be tested rather than the responsive or older mobile pages for sites that offer both page types.


SEO and SERP’s monitoring needed

SEO’s will need to monitor the impact of the new update on user’s sites themselves.  As this re-ranking of the sites will be completely automated webmasters will not be notified of the changes in the Google Search Console

Whilst not divulging the source of their information, Google has said that they will not be expecting to see a major difference in the first stages. Sites will still rank highly if they have great, relevant content.  Overall this will affect a tiny part of the search results.


PPC as a short-term solution to Google Speed Update?

If you are affected by the loss of page ranking on mobile, then a small PPC campaign around the affected keywords could be a short-term solution whilst your work on restoring the pages to organic mobile search.

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