Google My Business Adds Business Descriptions

A recent post from Google to the social media platform Twitter has announced that the Big G is now offering the option to add a business description to your Google local search listings directly from the Google My Business page.  The new listings show up both in the local knowledge panel of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP’s) but also on Google Maps searches for your business.


How to Add a Description to Google My Business

To add your business description, log in to Google My Business simply complete the following steps

  • Log in to Google My Business
  • Click on the “Info” button on the menu bar
  • Select the new section labelled “Add business description” and click on the pencil icon next to that field.
  • When the menu loads enter a brief description of your business.


Why Should You Add a Description to Google My Business?

Getting your business noticed is all about taking up the most screen real estate with your branding and your information.  The extra space on the Knowledge page is free to businesses, so it makes sense to use as much of the free real estate as possible to showcase your company.

Adding more information to the Google panel also gives the search engine more information to use when it is indexing your site.  By listing your core competencies and core product ranges in the Google My Business section, Google will be better able to gain knowledge about your business or organisation and make decisions on customer intent when searching.

This should mean that you are shown more regularly to the right people and reduces the potential for your results to be served to those who are not interested, which may, in turn, drive up your bounce rate within Google Analytics statistics.

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