Google Gets Ready to Optimise

The search giant, Google has unveiled its latest move to improve the experience for web users with the upcoming launch of its Google Optimize Service. Currently, the service is taking signups for its private beta launch.

The search engine optimisation features initially appears to build on the A/B split testing available in Google Analytics and looks set to replace the current Google Analytics Content Experiments tools and the Google Website Optimiser, leading to a more user friendly place for developers and marketing staff.

The optimiser is still being developed, however amongst the items that are believed to be coming to the platform are a visual editor, API integration and testing of URL redirects.


Google Tool Aimed at SEO’s

The new platform is aimed at developers, marketing teams and SEO’s and is designed to give more tools to satisfy customer’s needs. Whilst much of the functionality is already available across
software packages, the ability to have this built in, and provided with data direct from Google, provides a better platform to create trust amongst customers.

As the familiar Google Analytics package underlies the system it should mean that data produced by the system will not be a difficult sell to those worried about the accuracy of the information.

Moreover, the data is analysed using a Bayesian statistical methods to model the real-world performance of experiments, giving more accurate results. The system will also employ advanced experiment targeting to let Search Engine Optimisation users deploy the right experience to customers at the right time.

For more information on the product and to sign up to be part of the trial visit