Google Adds “Best” Category to Carousel

There are occasionally services from Google that launch in the USA, yet never make it to the UK marketplace. It remains to be seen if the new “Best” designation that has been added to the product carousel in Google’s home market will make the international transition, but it does give a clear indication of the direction of travel for the popular search engine and the future for online marketing.

The “best” category of the product carousel was released on to the US version of the search engine on the 23rd January.  The carousel is graphically similar to the product listings that are usually found on mobile devices but with a few extra pieces of text explaining the context of the review.  The reviews are not labelled as sponsored, despite appearing in the place usually occupied by Google Shopping results, so look to be added without charge for Google.

The product is displayed on its own card which contains a star review score and a list of where the reviews have been mentioned.


Reviews Sourced from Authoritative Sites

Product reviews are drawn from a number of sources, all of which appear to be professional sources or external consumer sites, rather than being drawn from the usual list of product review sites such as Trustpilot.  In the US, the range of sites quoted includes technology magazine and the social signal powered news aggregator Digg.  Sources of reviews are cited within the listing.

The move opens up a potential new route to increase sales for e-commerce managers. Reviews from trusted sources online are likely to become an extremely useful part of the marketing path for both new and existing products, meaning that a form of influencer marketing and management is likely to yield good results when placing products into the online marketplace.

The powerful search engine has also launched a review bar, that gives access to a number of external reviews and roundups of the best products.  This will make it easier to research products from external reviews, rather than from biased retailer information.

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