Female Led Business Icons on Google

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Google has added a new signal to its knowledge panel to signify a female-led business. The new badge also appears in local search results and on Google maps.

Whilst it is unlikely that many companies will see a surge in customers from the listing, it is yet another way to distinguish you from your competitors, and as the extra promotion is essentially free, you may as well make use of it.


Uses for the female-led business icon

Whilst most people will not be too concerned by the ownership of a business, there are a number of industries where this may be a benefit. For instance, in the clothing industry, it may be inferred that female-led businesses will produce clothing more in keeping with the day to day needs of their customers. For those in legal professions, customers may feel more comfortable talking through personal and family legal issues with someone of the same gender, who they may see as being more able to relate to the problem.

Likewise, professions such as driving instructors, or other services provided on a 1 to 1 basis may also benefit from the extra security gained from being with someone of the same gender.


How to add the woman led business icon

Women-led businesses can now add the new icon by going to their Google My Business profile and adding the “women-led” attribute under their “info” section.

Scroll down on the left side of the page until you see the Add Attributes section and select woman-led business option from the popup of options. The new “women-led” icon will appear in the business attributes section of their business listing.

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