Did Google Search Algorithm Changes Affect Your Site?

The Google Search Algorithm went through an update on 1st August and has now rolled out to all of the data centres. Are you seeing any changes to your SERP’s position or other SEO properties?

The new update has been named Medic and was a broad, global core update which had a focus on health and medical.  Also affected were sites that focused on so-called Your Money or Your Life subjects


What is a Your Money or Your Life website?

These are typically pages that offer lifestyle or financial advice.  They are not always very reliable and can frequently be used to advertise for “Quack” medicines and financial Ponzi schemes.  The page quality of these sites is a major issue.

Typically these pages will offer medical or health information that could impact your physical well being or pages offering advice on major life decisions, such as pages on parenting, purchasing a home, a vehicle, etc. They can also ask for more information, such as email addresses, and can be used to target the vulnerable.


There have been similar programmes over the years that have targeted Google Ads advertisers to ensure that the site content on medical and financial sites did not cause issues for customers and did not include misleading information.  It would seem that this type of solution is similar to the new algorithm update for natural listings.


E-commerce sites could be affected

E-commerce sites offering medical products could be affected by this move.  This is particularly true of pages that promote products for pregnant women or the elderly. Google advises that sites need to avoid “amateurish website design”.  Sites need to provide “high-quality information from authoritative sources when researching products. When buying products, users need websites they can trust: good reputation, extensive customer service support, etc.


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