AMP to Feature Across Google SERP’s

Accelerated Mobile Pages (known by the acronym AMP) is to move beyond the top news stories for the first time according to Google’s VP of Engineering, David Besbris. The pages will not receive a ranking boost at this time. The move will see AMP pages served in preference to traditional web pages (and mobile friendly page) if the content of the two pages is otherwise identical.

There are now more than 150 million AMP documents in Google’s index. New articles are currently being added at a rate of 4 million per week.


The AMP format has been seen on mobile news story results since February 2016, and unsurprisingly, the initial take-up was by newspapers and other news providers. However, a number of other sites have now embraced the standard including retail heavyweight eBay, discussion platform Reddit, travel advice site TripAdvisor as well as entertainment sources including Disney and Food Network.


What does AMP offer?

  • AMP pages load up to four times faster than traditional mobile pages On average AMP pages load in less than one second
  • AMP pages are data efficient and use less than a tenth of the data compared with non-AMP pages
  • In trials, 90% of AMP publishers experience higher CTRs and 80% of advertisers experienced higher ad viewing rates

Whilst in most of the UK 4G rollout has led to increasing speeds this trend is not true of all areas of the world. Google sees the open-source AMP format as being able to improve the experience for the end user, and lower resistance to its mobile advertising model, which is increasingly important to businesses looking to tap into mobile e-commerce.

The move is currently in its preview stage, but from 2nd August users will start to see AMP pages in the blue links alongside other non-AMP pages. AMP pages will be designated by the familiar lightning bolt icon.


Expert Advice

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