AMP Pages Now Appearing in SERPs

AMP pages are now appearing in SERP’s from the Google Search Engine,  although it appears the rollout is still in progress, with SEO experts some regions and mobile devices not yet receiving the improved listings.

Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in October 2015. The system provides an open source framework for creating fast-loading mobile web pages that allow publishers to improve page load speed on mobile devices without sacrificing ad revenue. It is hoped that the new system provides a fresher, more coherent experience for the end user.


Elements of the AMP Framework

The package consists of three elements: an HTML Subset, a JavaScript framework and a content delivery network. The system provides stripped down, and relatively secure pages that can render on less powerful devices with lower bandwidth. However, the system doesn’t permit items such as form elements and third-party JavaScript. This will mean that items such as lead forms, on-page comments and some other elements may have to be re-thought to use the standard.

Another issue to be faced during implementation is handling of CSS (which must be in line and less than 50KB). Similarly, custom fonts will now require a special extension to be present. In an effort to improve rendering, multimedia images must now explicitly mention their height and width dimensions.

However, it’s not all extra work for the developers, they may benefit from an easier format for implementing analytic packages. AMP analytics is a feature that prevents multiple analytical tools from slowing sites down.


AMP Framework Now Available for WordPress

The new SEO feature set is also available on the WordPress platform in the form of a plug in available from GitHub. This automates the process of making pages compatible with the standard.

Accelerated Mobile Pages have been promoted by Google and have gained support from publishers, platforms like Twitter, analytics tools and advertising platforms.