A New View on Google Analytics

The old saying that “you can never have too much information” is partially true. Data is always useful, but if it is not carefully and skilfully analysed you will often find that the revelation you are seeking goes unfound, or the analysis does not reveal the full picture behind your question. The issue is often caused by an overload of data that can be processed by knowledgeable SEO experts.


Why Should I Use Filters in Google Analytics?

Rather like a horse attempting to win a race, sometimes it is necessary to blinker ourselves and shut out the less useful information that could cloud our judgement. The digital world equivalent of this is the filtered view. The advantages of filtered views in Google Analytics include:

  • Data is already segmented for you in the view – There is no need to set up advanced segments on each visit.
  • Better insight in to your data – Removing ‘noise’ from the information
  • Focused reporting on such items as PPC or video campaigns that you may be paying an outside agency to provide.


Conducting Target Market Analysis

If your business is operating in more than one market place, you may also be running different advertising campaigns and other promotions that will have an effect in that market.  If the data is left in its raw view, it is relatively easy to miss a struggling campaign that is being masked by a strong performance elsewhere.


Identifying Search Traffic by Type

Separating organic and paid traffic in to separate views is a sensible way to get a quick overview of the performance of those channels. Obviously, different channels may be contributing in different ways to the sales conversion, but for a quick sales-led overview the format is better than most at identifying pages that need to be re-optimised.


Identifying Referral Traffic

Referral traffic refers to non-search engine that is sent to you from others.  This might be a review online, it may be a link from a manufacturer, it can also be traffic coming to you from affiliates. Regardless of the source, this data can be distracting when looked at alongside all non ppc traffic as it can distort the results of your own work.  It can also be useful to look at this traffic as a source of new influencers and backlinks


Effective Social Media Monitoring

Social media traffic, whether organic or paid, relies on clever marketing and interactions with your audience.  Why not make sure you can identify what campaigns worked for you, and what really drove audiences to your site? This form of review enables you to recreate the popular interactions and learn what really drives the converting segment of your social media family.  The results may not be the same as you see in Facebook Insights


The Benefits of Segmenting Mobile Traffic

Mobile is becoming a force to be reckoned with.  Make sure your pages are not leaving mobile users cold. Use this filter to pay close attention to bounce rates and the time spent on page as this could reveal rendering and security issues affecting mobile users.


A Final Thought

However you choose to use filters make sure you sense check your data.  If, for example, your mobile traffic dwindles to virtually zero after a view is applied, check to make sure that what you are seeing is not the result of an incorrect setting. If you are concerned about the loss of data, or are unsure on how to correctly set up your analytics data collection, then it makes sense to contact the SEO experts at DOM Marketing