16 Months Data For Google Search Console API

Google’s Search Console API is now giving access to the last 16 months of search data, the data has been available in the online user interface for the past half year, but this new access brings the information to webmasters and developers in a more convenient form. The data is sure to prove useful for search engine optimisation purposes.


Better access through the API

Webmasters with access to the data are able to query the dataset in more detail via the API rather than through the access that is available within the Search Analytics report in the Google Search Console.

The change of policy brings the search console website and the API back into line with each other, as they were prior to January 2018.


What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Search Console was originally known as Webmaster Tools. It is free of charge web service offered by Google to the webmaster, developer and SEO community. It contains a number of functions that allow the webmaster to check the indexing status of their sites and to optimise the visibility of their websites through organic SEO, increasing relevancy and traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools include

  • The ability to submit and check a sitemap.
  • Check if there are any errors with their sitemap.
  • Check and set the crawl rate
  • Write and check a robots.txt file to help discover pages that are blocked in robots.txt.
  • Get a list of links which Googlebot had difficulty crawling,
  • Set a preferred domain
  • Check the security issues if there are any with the website.

Bing offers a similar tool.


Both old and new webmaster tools available

Google has left the old version of the webmaster’s tool website that was in use before January 2018 visible to users should the end user decided they like the older version. The new Search Console reports provide “more transparency into Google’s indexing and a responsive user-interface.

If you have issues with using Search Console contact DOM Marketing. As a Google Premier Partner we offer expert advice on search engine optimisation.