YouTube Ads Tool Launched

28th April 2018

Google’s desire to dominate the world with its advertising products takes another step forward as the internet giant unveils a new feature designed to make it easier to advertise on its video-based YouTube PPC service.

The new tool, known as Reach Planner allows you to forecast the reach and frequency of ads played on the YouTube network. It is also able to perform the same calculations on other video sites within Google’s partner networks, giving advertisers a good overview of the total reach available for their budget.


Product mixes in Reach Planner

YouTube offers a number of video formats including pre-roll ads and ads placed at the midpoint of the video in a similar manner to standard TV commercials. The site also offers a number of graphical overlays on top of playing videos. The new software is able to examine the various advertising channels and recommend the right budget allocation for each stream of advertising.


Audience targeting in Reach Planner

As you would expect from a rich advertising tool such as this, the planner also offers the ability to target viewers on the YouTube platform by audience segmentation techniques such as age range, gender and the interests that viewer has displayed from their viewing on YouTube and the other data that has been brought together from across the Google network.


Reach across devices

YouTube is becoming ubiquitous and can now be found built into TV’s and other similar devices, as well as in the more usual desktop and mobile environments. Luckily, this service is now able to take these multiple devices into account and target ads at a user as they move across devices from smart TV to phone to desktop.

Advertising is likely to become more focused on video as the web continues to evolve. If you would like advice on how to access video viewers as part of a holistic PPC service, then your first port-of-call should be DOM Marketing. As Google Premier Partners, we have a large range of tools at our disposal to fully analyse your PPC and video ad spend.