What’s New in Google AdWords Editor 12

11th July 2017

The end of June saw Google release the latest version of their desktop Google AdWords Editor software.  The new version (Version 12) is now available to download.  But, what new features does this update bring to PPC Advertisers?


New Look and Feel

The program has been updated to look more consistent amongst the rest of Google’s products.  This, however, is just a cosmetic change that has not changed the underlying functionality of the service.


Custom Rules for AdWords

Despite the name, this is less of a rule and more of a warning system that you are breaking your own rules.  This function allows you to set limits or targets for the operation of your account.  For example, you may wish to make sure that all of your ads contain 4 separate site links.  This system will alert you if any of your ads do not meet this condition, allowing you to rectify the problem.  This feature is sure to be welcomed by any PPC manager with OCD about their account.


Faster PPC Account Downloads

If you are already using version 11 of Adwords Editor, then this new function will allow you to bring more of your data over from your local files, rather than downloading all of the data from Google.  Whilst this might seem to be a small tweak, for people with large campaigns or limited data then this could be a lifesaver.


Maximise PPC Conversions Tool

This feature was launched on the web editor in May.  It is an attempt at setting the ideal bid for each auction marketplace.  The idea is to get as many conversions each day within the budget.

The system works by factoring signals like remarketing lists, time of day, browser and operating system into the price that has been bid.


More Videos and Images for Universal App Campaigns

If you use Universal App Campaigns. Then the new version of AdWords Editor includes the ability to upload 20 images and/or videos.  It also has a number of new settings to allow you to easily control responsive ad.

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