What’s Coming Up in Google AdWords

24th July 2017

The new user interface for Google AdWords is beginning to bed in. But there are still more features ready to roll out to PPC marketing experts over the coming months.  Many of these new features were announced at the Google Marketing Next expo.  Whilst no date was given for their availability it is expected these items will launch before January 2018.


Google Attribution

This new solution can bring in data from a range of Google services including Analytics, AdWords and Double Click to show conversion actions across channels.   This is a simplified version of the Attribution 360 product.  This system allows marketing staff to apply an attribution model to conversion events and can then be fed back into AdWords to inform bidding decisions.


The benefits for advertisers are tremendous as this lets you see data from across the search term landscape and examine the effectiveness of more generic terms that do not convert directly.  It also allows tracking consumers across multiple devices, something that is no doubt aided by Google’s logged in services.


Landing Page Performance

The new platform also adds a landing page performance tool. This will enable you to split test keywords over multiple landing pages, giving an easier way of carrying out performance tests on promotional PPC landing pages and enquiry/service sign up forms.


Custom In-Market Audiences

In-Market Audience Segmentation is probably going to be the killer application of the new AdWords Platform. Whilst some variations of this have been in use since 2013, the new version allows deeper searches.

For example, A romantic restaurant could take out ads amongst people who have been looking for “Date Spots” rather than simply the last search for restaurants.  This would help a more upmarket venue to target diners looking for an experience, rather than just a quick meal.


Store Sales Measurements

Does your store offer a newsletter or a rewards programme? If so, Google will soon allow you to upload data into AdWords.  The exact details of the functionality have not been announced yet, but it is assumed that this will tie together logged in searches across the Google platform with queries that led to an offline purchase.  It is not yet known if variables, such as mobile phone location reporting will be part of this.  Again, this service is due to launch before January 2018.


Call the PPC Experts

Even with a new and updated layout, PPC advertising can be a difficult task to master. If you are unsure of how to effectively use Google AdWords or Bing Ads, then call the PPC experts at DOM Marketing. Our Google approved team will create a bespoke campaign tailored to the needs of your business.