Tips for Small PPC Campaigns

5th June 2017

Paid search marketing lets a business promote its services beyond its normal reach, increasing conversions from your audience. PPC can be confusing. If you are setting up an account there are many things to consider.  However, if you keep these tips in mind, you can establish a small, but well-formed campaign.


Keep the Account Small

When you first start out, there is much to consider. Run a small campaign, test the results and then add to it.  This approach is far more likely to be successful than trying to build everything at once. After all, Rome was not built in a day.

Your initial campaigns (and any subsequent changes) should focus on a specific audience.  Keep the budget low and see what you can achieve



Make sure you know what you are aiming for and have a method to measure your success. Whether it’s e-commerce sales, lead generation, or an engagement with the site such as a newsletter sign up, make sure you have a clear goal.


Check on Your Competitors

Analyse the keywords your competitors are bidding on. Don’t be afraid to use there better performing keywords for your own campaign. Test several keywords until you find the ones which are driving conversions.

Don’t get hung up on simply following your competitors. If you can see a medium to high volume search term that they have missed, then test it.  There may be a reason (such as poor conversion) why the word is not being used, but quite often, they will simply have missed the word.


Get the Audience

Don’t target your ads at people who are unlikely to buy from you.  A great lipstick range is unlikely to find significant purchasers amongst men (although, around Valentine’s Day there may be an opportunity).  Likewise, promoting mortgages to college students is unlikely to produce many sales.

Once you get the perfect understanding of the demographics you want to target, you can maximize the chances of developing a successful PPC campaign.


A/B Test Your Campaign

Finding what converts is an ongoing task, and can evolve with consumer knowledge of the product.  Take for example the smartphone. The uses that the phone is put to today would be unrecognisable to users of the first-generation iPhone.  Continue to grow your keywords as the brand and products develop.

A/B testing is crucial to allow you to understand the terms that are used within the marketplace and to understand which terms lead to that all important conversion. It’s easier to increase conversions once you understand what makes people click on an ad


PPC Copy

You copy should be:

  • clear
  • descriptive
  • relevant
  • persuasive

It should trigger enough interest to generate a click. Make sure your ad provides the answer to the customers’ question.



Spending money should never be the aim of a PPC campaign. Your key objective is to generate interest and sales. After you have been through a test period decide the value you wish to attribute to each enquiry and the cost of sale that you wish to achieve. Manage your account to stay within these values.  If you know the cost of each sale you are in a strong position to expand the scope of your ads later.


Optimise Your Landing Page

The landing page for your PPC campaign should be as optimised as possible. It must be as relevant as possible and offer the products and services that are advertised.


Check the following:

  • Is your landing page appealing? Does it look good to the intended audience and use the terms that they would expect.
  • Does it facilitate the user experience? If the user has to click away from the landing page, then it is not meeting their need
  • Is the loading speed tested? Check with the Google Pagespeed test to ensure that it is fast loading and mobile friendly
  • Is the call-to-action clear?  Can the customer buy your products or make an enquiry straight away?


Call the PPC Professionals

Setting up PPC and other paid marketing can be confusing. Whilst it is perfectly possible to set up a campaign on your own, you need to consider the value of your time.  Why not turn to the experts at DOM Marketing? We are experts in setting up campaigns of all sizes and can take away the stress of building your campaigns.