Text Ads Come To The Knowledge Panel

12th September 2017

Google has increasingly been pushing its users towards the knowledge panel for some time now, so it comes as little surprise that it’s latest developments seek to bring more information and pricing data to its favoured display system. In the USA Google has now incorporated inventory ads from Google Shopping and inventory product search into the knowledge panel.

Growth of the Knowledge Panel

In May 2016, Google introduced a search tool that enabled customers to find out what was in stock at local stores. This search tool still exists, but it has been augmented by product category links and large product listings. Mobile users can swipe through a carousel of product listings.
For PPC advertisers and retailers, this feature is supplied as part of the pre-existing local inventory ads. The products images lead to Google Shopping pages when clicked.

Text Ads in the Knowledge Panel

Google AdWords has also introduced text-based ads into the knowledge panel. These ads have been observed in some US regions and are believed to currently be a test. They are typically offering support information at the moment, such as for instance, searches for conferences are likely to be targeted with ads for local hotels and other services that are appropriate to the search, such as restaurants, flights or car hire.

Google Flights Also Updates

Google has also released an update to its flight and hotel search system. The mobile version of the service now offers the ability to check dates and prices in it is calendar view. The new service highlights times when the flight and hotel prices in your destination are lower, as well as showing lower priced flying times.
The system is also able to offer a check against alternative airports in the area to see if flight costs are lower. The new features are expected to roll out to desktop soon but are already available to mobile users.

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