RLSA Advertising Tips and Tricks

30th June 2017

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads is an often-overlooked technology available to anyone running PPC ads on Google AdWords.  They really should not be overlooked however as they bring great benefits. RLSA advertising gives you the power to show your advertising to leads who are in effect pre-qualified due to their prior knowledge of your brand having already visited your website.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best techniques available to maximise conversions and lower your cost per click (CPC) spend.

Remember this type of advertising should not be confused with display remarketing.  This is a far more powerful technique that actually uses the search term that the consumer has in their mind.  This makes it far easier to deduce searcher intent and to improve conversion rates as a result.


The Main Uses of RLSA’s

RLSA is useful in a number of scenarios, but the basis of their proposition is as follows:

  • Making bid adjustments on your ad groups for already known users who are using the keywords you are bidding on
  • Setting up search ad groups to only show ads if a user is on your remarketing list and is making a search using the keywords you are bidding on.

Whilst the list above is the broad outline of RLSA, you can deploy the format in a number of cunning ways.


Cunning Uses of RLSA

RLSA’s allow you to be very frugal with your ad spend in a way that is not possible for other methods. We look at a few distinctly underhand ways to extend the reach of your ads using RLSA techniques.


Stretch Your Tiny Ad Budget

RLSA’s let you show your search ads only to users who have already visited your site.  Your small budget is stretched as visitors must already be aware of your brand having already visited your site.  Just remember that you need 1000 unique visitors in your cookie post for this to work.  The good news is that these users can come from anywhere.  You could make awesome social media posts, offer to show customers your site on their smartphones whilst they are in-store or even invite them to an event via an email newsletter.  Once these people are in your net, you can use the RLSA format to bombard them with ads at a low cost and a high conversion rate.


Generic Keyword Term Bidding

Generic terms are usually expensive.  This is because at the top of the marketing funnel there are more people bidding for those terms.  If you are a Nike store, you will still have to bid on the word sneakers or trainers event if you are only interested in selling Nike products.  With RLSA bidding strategies, the Nike Store could bid on trainers, but only for people who had already visited their store, even if they had arrived there from the social media post of a fan of their shoes.

As the ads only trigger for people who have an interest in the brand already, it is far more likely to produce a sale.


Exclude Those Who Don’t Buy

If visitors to your site, typically visit time and time again without buying anything the last thing you want to do is encourage the same visitors using your ads.  This type of traffic is often seen amongst high-end brands, sports car dealerships and travel agents.

It can also be a problem for sites that you visit frequently, such as bookmakers or online casinos once you have opened an account.

With RLSAs you could create a brand campaign and ad group that targets only users who have not previously visited your website. This is ideal if your campaign is focused particularly on driving new visitors, as you can isolate the brand spend to just new users.

It does have a slight downside in that it knocks out repeat purchasers.  However, if your SEO is up to par and your marketing team have branded the site correctly, then this should not prove to be a major problem.

To manage this set this campaign up in the normal way but add the audience as a negative.


Upsell to Converted Users

Every website worth its salt can offer a few, small, add-on purchases to its clients.

Phone companies offer phone cases or Bluetooth headsets, whilst dress companies will offer shoes, handbags or belts.

On their own, these items will not sell amazingly well, and will often not produce enough revenue to cover their cost of sale on PPC ads.  This is typically why they are offered at the point of sale as an upsell and not as part of an ad campaign.

For whatever reason, your client may forget or decline to buy these upsells at the time. But, as you would be able to lower the cost of the ad, there is a potential in using RLSA advertising on these terms.  At least you know the audience seeing the ads has already made a purchase from your site.


Money Off Your Next Purchase

One of the biggest benefits of RLSAs is that you can tailor your ad text based on whether a user has already visited your site, or even completed a purchase.

Use a list of those who have completed a purchase to target repeat business. You should acknowledge their past custom with something like offering them 5% off their next purchase.  This has the twin benefits of attracting the attention back to your site and making them feel appreciated as customers.


Exclude Already Converted Users From Your Campaign

In businesses that use a data collection model (such as estate agents) or companies who offer free downloads of products or information, there is little point in constantly re-engaging through adverts.  You will most likely have all their contact information from they filled in a form or asked for a callback.

As these users have already given up the information you require, you simply need to exclude an audience of all users who saw your final conversion thank-you page from your existing campaigns.


Remind Your Visitors

Brand names of B2B goods are often rather cheap.

Using RLSAs you can create a campaign where you bid on your competitors’ brand name. The ads only trigger when someone already on your audience list of users searches for your competitor’s brand. This means you know your brand is in the running for their purchase decision and you can ensure you stay in their mind.


Call the Experts

RLSA advertising can be difficult to set up, often requiring changes in cookie policy terms and conditions to be legal. DOM Marketing is an expert in RLSA adverts.  With our status as a Google Premier Partner, you can be sure of first class advice. Speak to an expert today.