AdWords Address Matching

14th December 2017

Advertisement targeting has become a large trend during 2017 and looks to continue its dominance into the new year as Google has now added a range of customer matching tools to its popular customer match service that launched in 2015. AdWords users are now able to upload lists of data including phone numbers and mailing addresses into the system.

Smaller businesses, such as takeaway restaurants do not typically have access to email addresses. This has been the information that has typically been used by people retargeting for retail and e-commerce stores. However, these businesses will typically have access to customer phone number and home addresses. In a world where portals such as UberEats and Hungry House are gaining ground over local businesses, we can see why this would be attractive to local businesses, as it has the potential to cut there cost of advertising.

For Google it goes a long way to bridging the gap in customer matching in local business, giving the company a new set of services to offer to an under-exploited market.


How Does Google Customer Match Work?

Email addresses and phone numbers are matched up with Google’s to find matches. The matches are then added to marketers’ Customer Match lists. For mailing address matching, Google joins hashed name and address data for Google accounts to construct a matching key. Google adds the corresponding Google account to your customer list if there is a match.
Phone and mailing lists can be uploaded via the AdWords API or in the new AdWords interface.


Who Else Might Benefit from Phone Number Matching?

The market is potentially huge. There are potential opportunities for call centres who generate a large number of incoming calls to automatically log the numbers calling into their sales line and connect these numbers to the customer match service. In this instance, it could be used to retarget the customer towards repeated business or towards following through on a purchase following an information call.


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