New Features for AdWords & Editor

1st December 2017

Google is rolling out a number of new features to both its AdWords service and its AdWords Editor software.  The new features for PPC experts come as businesses, particularly those involved in E-Commerce increase their activity in advance of the Christmas holidays.

The new features at AdWords include:


Custom Intent Audiences

Google Display Network is rolling out custom intent audiences to enable advertisers to target customers with the intent to buy.

There are two types of system in place. In one variation, advertisers can target topics and URLs that people who are likely to be interested in their products read about and visit. The second variation is machine-learning based and automated.


Ad Variations

Google now offers a new way to test ads.  You can now test thousands of ads in a few clicks. Google will show the results of the test once they are statistically significant. You’ll find an Ad Variations tab in the new UI.


Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions are rolling out globally in all supported AdWords languages and currencies. Promotion extensions let advertisers display specific offers in their text ads without having to create new ads. They can include a percentage off, a promotion code and an offer period.


Mobile Shopping Enhancements

Amongst other improvements to layout and ads, Google has introduced a series of buying guides for searches related to broad categories like “sewing machine” and “coffee grinder” These changes are currently specific to The US version of Google now shows you other helpful information, like related items, and allows you to compare reviews, prices and other specs.


AdWords Editor

As you would expect when a number of new features become available, changes to AdWords editor are not far behind.  Version 12.2 of the popular software was released late last week and brings with it more integration with AdWords.  PPC experts can download AdWords Editor Version 12.2 by clicking here