New Features for AdWords Editor 11.6

14th November 2016

Google has introduced new features to its AdWords Editor package. Version 11.6 of the Search Engine Marketing package has introduced several new tools for the experienced advertising campaign builder. Version 11.5 was largely an update to enable the tool to function with the newly released expanded ads, but the new version adds considerable new functionality, particularly to the downloads area of the program.


Changes to Device Bid Adjustments

A range of -90% to +900% can now set for desktop and mobile ppc ads. You can also opt out of showing ads complete on any given platform by simply setting the bid to -100%.


Gmail Ad Templates

Gmail ads are a bit of a hidden gem. These expandable ads appear at the top of tabs in Gmail and look rather like an unopened email message. With a click, these interactive ads expand into email-sized ads that can include videos and images. You only pay for the open, not for additional clicks to content. AdWords Editor 11.6 expands the number of promotional templates that are available to you to use.


Check for Changes in Multiple Accounts

Businesses that use more than one account will be delighted with the new upgrade, as it now allows the user to check for changes in multiple accounts from the one session of the program.


Universal App Campaigns

Applications continue to grow in popularity for all manner of things. This new tool in version 11.6 of AdWords Editor allows you to create campaigns promoting your app across Google Search, Google Play and YouTube. It also offers the opportunity to run ads within apps across the display network, including within participating ad-funded applications.


Advanced Search Improvements

Filter options are much improved in this version of Google’s new advert download tool. These make it much easier to dissect accounts, particularly when they are new to an agency or have unfamiliar PPC structures.  Structure is one of the most important facets of Search Engine Marketing.


Improvements to Automatic Download and Upload

Version 11.6 now allows you to run unattended automatic downloads on multiple accounts in a sequential order. Previous versions of the software have limited this to five downloads at a time. This variant also sees the introduction of scheduled downloads to ensure that changes and stats made in the online editor can be captured.

A free download of the AdWords Editor can be accessed at