More Sitelinks for AdWords Users

29th August 2017

The Google search engine has now increased the number of sitelinks that can be featured in adverts within its AdWords service. The move sees the service increase the total number of deep links available to advertisers from four to eight on a mobile device.


Increase in Google AdWords Sitelinks

The sitelink extension previously offered a maximum of 6 links on a tablet or desktop PC and 4 on a mobile. To avoid the need to create separate ads and additional sitelinks for desktop users many advertisers and agencies standardised on four links across the platforms.


Google AdWords Sitelinks Now in Mobile Carousel

The sitelinks ads now appear side by side in a carousel on mobile and tablet devices. This new display format was launched in early August. This new format easily allows for search users to scroll through the sitelinks before tapping the link to access the deeper areas of the sites. This has solved the problem of text being cut off in some links due to the lower character limits of the mobile devices.

The changes to site links are just one of many items that have changed in PPC over the last few months, particularly on mobile devices. Other recent changes included location extensions for display ads, automated call extensions, global price extensions and call extension bid adjustments.

Will Bing Ads Follow Suit?

Many PPC advertisers will be watching the Bing Ads platform carefully over the coming months to see if they also implement these changes.

Bing often follows Google with new features, as many of the ads running on their “second placed” service are copied directly from the AdWords interface. Ergo, many features are eventually offered on both platforms, maintaining compatibility for those who conduct PPC advertising, as well as to make the platform itself a more attractive proposition for the majority of advertisers.

The future for Google AdWords seems to be to give advertisers more real estate at the expense of natural search results. This trend looks likely to continue.