Google’s Solution for Apple ITP

29th September 2017

Back in June, Apple unveiled plans to block trackers from following web browsers. The intelligent tracking prevention plan is an attempt to harness machine learning to prevent ad trackers and other third parties from using cross-site cookies as part of the marketing strategy. Typically this data is used in e-commerce for remarketing and other behavioural ad targeting systems.

The latest update to Safari will also implement autoplay blocking to keep music and video from automatically playing.
As you might expect when threatened with a loss of data from a significant number of iOS and high-value Mac users, Google has been working on plans to counter this development.

How Does Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention Work?

Third-party cookies can only be used for 24 hours from the time a user visits a website. After 24 hours, the cookies can only be used for log-in purposes. The cookies are removed entirely every 30 days.

In practice, this means that any conversion that occurs later than 24 hours will not have any attribution data attributed to it. This means that ad tracking and affiliates are likely to be badly hit, at least until a workaround is implemented.

Google Rises to The Challenge

Google has countered Intelligent Tracking Protection with a method in keeping with Apple’s ad-attribution policy.
Apple stated that they wished to see server-side storage for attribution of ad impressions on websites. They are also to require link decoration can be used to pass on attribution information in navigation links.” The new cookie system devised by Google will collect the data to be used from Safari in a way that conforms with ITP.


• Require user interaction to confirm your use of client-side storage.
• Make sure to configure your web analytics to not rely on third-party cookies from domains that have no user interaction.
• Use server-side storage for attribution of ad impressions on your website.

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