Google Tests New Mobile Ad Formats

17th February 2017

Google appears to be rolling out new swipeable cards in mobile text ads.

The new formats have so far been noted to display sitelink extensions and price extensions in a single card carousel.  This adds new functionality to the advertisements, effectively allowing the user to choose to see more information provided by the advertiser, rather than the data which Google has considered most relevant to the search.


Google Tests Point Way to The Future

Google is constantly experimenting with extensions and the ways that they display in ads. Whilst this recent variation has been noted “in the wild” we do not yet have any data on how widespread the experiment is. This test, however, was encountered in the USA.

Google has a record of trialling new products and ad formats.  Many of the trials prove unpopular and do not make it to fully fledged products.  However, having your agency stay on top of the data that can be served in the ads and ensure that the full range of fields is filled out, will help you rise to the top of the pile when the new products are released.

The name of the game with mobile text ads is to use as much of the space that you are entitled to as possible to fill the user’s screen and limit the presence of your competitors. This has the side effect of making you more visible at the expense of your competitors.