Google Retargeting Ads Get Mute Button

10th February 2018

Google has announced that it will now let people mute retargeting ads and dynamic retargeting ads (referred to in its press release as “reminder ads”) The functionality has so far been limited to apps and websites that feature adverts supplied by Google.

The press release goes on to say that advertisements served in Google’s search engine, YouTube and Gmail will be affected by this move shortly as the rollout of the ad-blocking tool continues.
The new functionality for Google users will mean that if an ad is blocked on any signed in device, it will no longer be shown to any other machine with the same advert ID or using the same sign in. The functionality is an extension of the “Mute this Ad” service that was initially launched in 2012. Consumers wishing to block certain retailers and services from reaching them can now log in to the Ad Settings section of the user configuration pages in any logged in Google account.


The Advantages of Muting Ads

Although it may seem like a disaster to lose people from your cookie pot of ads, there are good reasons why it may be for the long-term benefit of the advertiser. For people looking for gifts for birthdays or other anniversaries, being constantly reminded of the product search may be off-putting as it has the potential to spoil a surprise. Being able to block the ad might encourage the potential purchase.

The ad being blocked also allows the retailer or service provider to save money on reaching people who are no longer wanting to see their ad. Although most people will not click on an add after they have made a purchase, or indeed decided finally not to make this purchase, there remains a chance that ad spend could be wasted. By blocking the ad completely, the chance of unwanted spend occurring by this person is completely eliminated.


Will Any One Notice the Block?

Whilst Google claims that it received 5 billion pieces of feedback about ads, this must be put in the context of the billions of ads served. It is unlikely that your ad will be blocked, particularly if your products are not aimed at high-tech consumers.
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