Google Launches Shopping Actions

22nd March 2018

The e-commerce landscape has been moving for some time with more competition coming from online marketplaces such as Amazon.  In an attempt to keep up with changing times, Google has announced a new system known as Google Shopping Actions that seek to unify many of the disparate functions of e-commerce.

Tools of the Google Shopping Actions Service

The Shopping Actions programme brings a number of new functions that could have a dramatic effect on e-commerce. Services include

Universal Cart on Google Shopping Actions:

Shopping Actions provides customers with an easy way to shop through Google Assistant and Googe Search. The service introduces a universal cart across mobile, desktop or even Google Home devices.


Google Assistant with Voice Shopping:

This offers customers a hands-free, voice-driven shopping experience.


Shared Lists:

A shareable list across devices and instant checkout with saved payment credentials work. This allows customers to seamlessly buy products across multiple devices.

For example, A shopper can do a search on Google for moisturizing hand soap, see a sponsored listing for randed soap and be directed to the store offering the product.  This can be added to a Google Express cart.

Later, the shopper can add to this order through voice, add it to the same cart using a Google Home device and purchase all items at once through a Google-hosted checkout flow.


Customer Re-engagement on Google Shopping Action:

The new service allows 1-click re-ordering, personalized recommendations, and basket-building.  IT also allows users to add reward card points and other incentives, meaning that Google will automatically offer products from the shopper’s favourite retailers if they are offering an attractive offer.

The system will also be able to use purchase information to resurface ads and recommendation for regularly purchased products at the time of highest order likelihood.


How Much Will Google Shopping Actions Cost Retailers?

Shopping Actions uses a pay-per-sale model, meaning you only pay when a sale actually takes place. Shopping Actions appear within the sponsored Shopping Unit on the Google Search page, and on Google has not yet publicly released the fees, but we can expect it to be competitive with Amazon. No organic rankings are impacted or changed.


Is Google Shopping Actions Coming to the UK?

The Google Shopping Actions platform has so far only launched in North America on the site, but from the tone of Google’s press releases and positive reaction from clients, it looks as though it will be arriving in the UK soon.