Google Introduces Salesforce PPC Conversion Tracking

7th June 2016

Google has introduced a new option to allow the integration of AdWords with Salesforce to track the impact of ads on potential customers.
The new facility has the potential to help sales teams and small businesses easily keep track of the effects of their online ad spend by bringing together the advertising campaigns that send prospective customers to a contact form on your website and the offline work that then takes places to convert these leads into sales.


How Does Adwords PPC Conversion Tracking for Salesforce Work?

When people fill in forms on your website they become new leads in Salesforce. Your team then calls the lead to answer questions and carry out their normal sales process. Once the advert respondent becomes a client, the system will inform AdWords of the conversion and attribute this to the correct keyword trigger.

A key benefit of this is that you can now see which keywords result in a sale and which are attracting people who may be looking to receive free advice. You can then adjust your AdWords bidding accordingly to use the keywords that result in most sales

With the additional data, you could also experiment with adding new keywords that are similar to the keywords that were most successful.


A Guide to Setting UP Salesforce to AdWords PPC Tracking

Google has published an in-depth guide ( on how to connect up the two platforms, but we have put together a quick overview to the elements you will need to have in place.

  • Configure your Salesforce Account
  • Create a custom GCLID field in your lead and opportunity objects so that AdWords understands how to attribute your conversions
  • Edit your website to save the click ID in a cookie
  • Adjust your Salesforce Web-to-Lead form. Modify the Web-to-Lead form on your website to upload the click ID and data to Salesforce
  • Link your AdWords and Salesforce accounts
  • Decide which Salesforce milestones you want to track as conversions
  • Setup Adwords to Import Your Conversions from Salesforce

This new AdWords tool is sure to be an in-demand feature and is similar to the methods used by many companies in-house already, albeit in a manual manner.