Google Improves AdWords Scripts Access

13th October 2017

The new AdWords experience launched early in 2017 and slowly rolled out to customers.  Despite this slow rollout, new features are still being added to the rebooted platform.  The most recent feature to be improved and surfaced on the new service are AdWord scripts.

The change makes it easier for users to add scripts to control their advertising budget.  Key changes to the interface include:

  • See up to 500 script logs per page and filter by date.
  • See a more precise time when a script will run.
  • See who added a script to the account.
  • Filter scripts based on name or who created it.
  • Duplicate existing scripts.


Where Can I Find AdWords Scripts?

The AdWords scripts can be found under the three-dot “hamburger menu”, under the bulk actions section.  From an MCC level, you will be able to apply the scripts across a whole range of customers, whilst accessing from the individual account level, will allow you to tailor the scripts in use on that account only.


Other New Google AdWords Script Features

Google automatically shows the top 10 scripts by default.  However, you can now change this to display up to 500 scripts on one page.  The scripts are however still limited to running once per hour, but now display which time within the hour, they are scheduled to run.

There are also now filters in the pages that allow you to filter, by script name, or the name of the script creator.

Script history has now been improved to be listed on a separate tab from script settings.  There is also now a date selector on the tab which makes it much easier to see the changes that have been made.


Call the Experts

Scripting is one of the more advanced features of Google AdWords, so it comes as no surprise that many people find this area difficult to work within.  If you find Google AdWords Scripts difficult to implement, then give the experts at DOM Marketing a call.  As a Google Premier Partner agency, we can easily take away the pain from your AdWords account management.