Google Implements Parallel Tracking

6th June 2018

Google is to force all sites to implement parallel tracking by October 2018. The technology improves the performance of page loading, particularly for mobile devices by moving the click measurements to the background of a page load.  This move to the new PPC tracking system has the potential to increase loading speeds by several seconds.


How to Prepare for the Google AdWords Tracking System Update

The change to Google AdWords tracking will be enforced from the Autumn, however, if you wish to prepare your site in advance, you can switch on the new tracking from the account-level settings page in the tracking section.

Web developers will also need to make sure that any third-party tools using Google tracking codes are able to use the new code and settings. Doing so will prevent any disruptions.

Google is also making other changes to both improve security on the ad platform, by moving sites to the secure https standard.  As the site has been discouraging and downgrading listings for non-https sites in organic search for some time, it is of little surprise that they are now turning their attention to ads being served by Google AdWords.

In the next few weeks, AdWords will warn advertisers when they’re using less secure HTTP addresses for landing pages. Advertisers will be able to update landing page URLs from HTTP to HTTPS without resetting performance statistics.


More HTTPS Changes for AdWords Users

Additionally, From 11th June, Google AdWords will automatically redirect HTTP search ad clicks to HTTPS when it’s known that the site prefers HTTPS. Whilst the service will redirect, it is probably time to revisit your AdWords campaign and ensure that the new HTTPS URL’s on your site will be in line with your AdWords account to remove the chance of time-consuming redirect chains occurring.

If you are concerned about the changes being made to Google AdWords, then get in touch with DOM Marketing. As a Google Premier Partner we are experienced in making changes to PPC systems such as AdWords, we will soon have your PPC at peak efficiency