Google AdWords testing 3 Product PLA

9th January 2017

In the run-up to the holiday season, Google AdWords has been seen testing three product PLA’s at the top of search results. The carousel overall remained the same size, but the listings were given more space in the SERP’s leading to an increase in white space.

Report from the SEM Post has also highlighted that in their tests the right-sidebar which normally hosts a four-item ad, was seen to be hosting a similar three item product bar to that seen at the top of the SERPs

Old Style Google PLA'sPLA’s in Image Search

Google Shopping PLA’s are undergoing a number of changes over the past few months, many of the changes are still in a test phase and are rolling out sporadically, or appear briefly and are quickly discontinued.

Amongst the many things that have appeared recently have been PLA in image search results. These new image results PLAs are in a carousel format, which means a searcher can use arrows scrolls or swiping on mobile, to scroll through the remainder of the results. Google is capping the number of individual PLAs in the image search results to a total of 15.


Emojis in PLA Display URLs

Lastly, The SEM Post broke the news that advertisers can add emoji’s to the display URLs of PLAs. This was a possibility in AdWords and the organic search results last year, but Google closed the loophole after two months. It isn’t clear if the ability to show emoji’s in PLAs is deliberate or if the no-emoji rule somehow missed PLAs.