Google Adwords Adds Demographics

8th May 2017

Whilst retargeting lists are a boon for users of Google AdWords, if you wanted deeper demographic targeting then until recently it has been a case of going to Facebook or Bing. Google has now caught up with its competition and now allows us to target a range of demographics.

The new feature allows advertisers using Adwords to target users based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Parental status


Making Data-Driven Decisions on AdWords Spending

This feature will be particularly useful where user intent varies considerably based on one of these variables, but use caution. It is highly unlikely that high-end watch brands would find large sales amongst the under 25’s as they would typically lack the necessary cash to purchase them.


But, make sure you use real data to decide who to keep out of your target market when using this feature, A study by Google has shown that some of our preconceived ideas about which demographics purchase which items may result in us missing out on a considerable proportion of buyers. For example, women on mobile devices, account for 45% of traffic for home improvement topics, and 40% of baby products are purchased by households that do not contain parents.


How to Set up Demographic Targeting in AdWords

The demographic targeting options can be found within the audiences’ tab alongside your remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) data.


Add Bid Modifiers:

  • Go to the “audiences” tab and then to the “demographics” sub-tab.
  • Switch between demographic data for “age” and “gender” using the two sub-tabs under the graph
  • Bid modifiers can be set within the “bid adjustment” column by clicking on the dashed line. You should then see a pop up where you can enter your bid modifier.


Calculating the Bid Modifier

To calculate your bid modifier you should use the following formula: divide the age conversion rate by the ad group conversion rate, subtract one, and multiply by 100.

Example: If the conversion rate for people aged 25 – 34 is 3.52% and your conversion rate for the ad group overall is 2.76%, then your bid modifier would be 28%.

Do not exclude the audience if you are faced with “Unknown” data. This indicates that Google is unable to match the user to their data.


Take Professional PPC Advice

The area of PPC is a new and expanding one. It is always worth taking professional advice on services such as Google AdWords from specialists such as DOM Marketing if you are unsure of how to proceed.