Google Ads Expands Headlines and Descriptions

31st August 2018

It’s not just the name that has been changing at Google Ads.  The site has now introduced a number of changes along with its new look ads platform, including a number of features including responsive ads with up to 3 headlines each with a character length of 30.  The company has also increased the number of characters available in each description by 10 characters, whilst introducing a second headline column.


Huge increase in space for Google Ad users

This means that the length of an advert has now risen from the previous 170 characters to 300, almost doubling the space available to advertisers as well as almost doubling the workload of ad writers.

These extra characters are in addition to site links and call outs that are also available to increase the word count of an advert.


New ad format sees 15% rise in click through

The new ad format was announced in May 2018 and between the general roll out and the initial tests Google found these larger ads received 15% more clicks than other ad formats. A similar trend was seen in 2016 when Expanded Text Ads were first offered. During that transition, we saw that advertisers increased their ad CTR by an average of 20% after making the change.


Testing new Google ad formats is key to success

The advice to customers is as ever, test, test, test.  If your current ads are performing strongly, there is no need to move over to the new set of ads.  In fact, you may even make things worse for yourself if the new ads fail to work as well as you hoped.  The best solution is to trial expanded versions of ads that are currently performing well, and split test the ongoing activity.  Once you are happy that the new expanded ads are performing better, then switch off the old version.

Call the experts

If you are still unsure of how to progress with your new Google Ads, why not get in touch with DOM Marketing. As Google Premier Partner Agency, we offer great advice to our clients and are able to help with everything from setting up your credit card to pay for your adverts through to devising an entire PPC strategy.