Firefox Chooses Google for Quantum

22nd November 2017

PPC budgets rarely take into account the software the user is using to see the ads, often assuming that all desktop browsers are built the same.  However, it is worth remembering that the service offering the default search is not often changed by end users.


New Quantum Browser Uses Google For Default Search Results

For UK businesses undertaking PPC in international markets, changes are afoot. Mozilla has announced that their new browser Firefox Quantum will see search queries made in North America, Taiwan and Hong Kong passed to Google by default, abandoning a three year long deal with Yahoo.  Firefox has around 15% of the browser market on desktops worldwide. It is a very small player in the mobile market.

Gain is Small for Google. What Does the Loss Mean to Bing Ads?

Whilst this is a relatively small gain in users for Google, it could cause a problem for Yahoo and a drop in demand for ads served by the Bing Ads platform on Yahoo’s sites.  This is likely to have a knock on throughout the industry as Google will gain more visits at the expense of the other platform.

We are yet to see if this means that those people advertising on Yahoo will seek a shift to Google to offset the lower numbers of visitors and searches, or alternatively if this will increase demand for keyword placements on the Google AdWords network leading to higher costs for ad space on the more popular network.


The Possible PPC Outcomes Of Mozilla Switching to Google

  •  Traffic moves to Google, but Yahoo advertisers are slow to react to changes in what is often seen as a secondary market for PPC advertisers. – This situation should lower the cost of ads as search terms see more unsold volume
  • Traffic and advertisers move to Google. If the rise in traffic matches the increased demand, we should see the cost per click prices staying broadly similar.
  • The traffic moves to Google, but slowly, whilst advertisers react more quickly – leading to increased competition and PPC costs.


Offset PPC Issues With Expert Holistic Support

Whatever the outcome of the deal, it seems that this will not be a positive move for Bing who is likely to suffer a drop in traffic as a result of the changes.

If you are conducting SEO or PPC in international markets that will be affected by the change towards Google and away from Yahoo then it is worth contacting a professional online marketing agency such as DOM Marketing. Our years of experience have been recognised by Google with the award of the prestigious Google Premier Partner status.