Does Your Feed Include Images?

24th April 2018

Bing Ads has announced a wave of new facilities for users of its PPC services including multiple images appearing in product ads by the end of April, as long as your feed includes the URL of the image.  The service will now allow you to add up to 10 extra images to the feed.

What are the technical specifications for multiple product images in Bing Ads?

To add up to 10 images into the feed, simply add the URL’s of the images (not the directory containing the images, separated by a comma. The images need to be a minimum of 220 by 220 pixels and have a maximum file size of 3.9mb (although we would recommend using an optimiser if your files are that large.  Products cannot contain watermarks or text such as free shipping.  Images must be in either bmp, gif,exif, jpg, png or tiff.


Benefits of multiple images in Bing Ads

The benefits of multiple images for one product should be obvious.

First of all, it allows the user to view the item from multiple directions and angles.  Whilst this is no guarantee of a sale if you are already at the product search stage, the customer is very close to buying their item. Adding extra images at this stage, particularly high-quality images should give a good impression of your site to potential customers.

If you are using the images that already exist on your site, or the images can be pulled from the manufacturer, then there is virtually no additional cost other than reformatting your feed to take advantage of the extra image.

There is also the advantage of taking up additional space on the desktop with your images, denying the space to your competitors.

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