Could Audio Ads Replace Text-Based PPC?

6th June 2018

With the growth of audio-only devices such as Google Home and the continuing trend for using phones as audio playback devices, it’s not surprising that digital audio ads are a growing sector of the advertising industry. Advertisers can buy digital audio ad inventory programmatically on a range of music and speech services.


USA audio ad revenues top $1.6 billion

In the USA in 2017, digital audio ad revenues topped $1.6 billion, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau, an increase of 39 percent over 2016. 75 percent of digital audio ad revenues arrived from mobile devices.

With the rise in ads, it’s little wonder that the industry leader in online advertising, Google, is expanding into the arena as well. Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager is rolling out support globally for buying audio ads programmatically across a handful of streaming services including the free version of Spotify and TuneIn radio

Advertisers can upload .mp3 audio spots in a variety of lengths, including 15- and 30-seconds and an optional companion image or HTML5 asset to display around the publisher’s audio player.


Higher rates for audio ad placement

According to Google, rates for audio placements are significantly higher than the rates for display impressions. We recommend setting CPM rates for audio with the same strategy you’d use for video inventory,” says Google

The ads are skippable in the same way as video ads but given the likelihood of the short ad being skipped is relatively low, and that the targeting can be narrow, the likelihood of the ad being skipped is low.

This means the ads are particularly good for growing brand recognition, so long as the repetition rate is not high enough to be annoying to the end user.

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