Bing Shopping Expands

3rd November 2017

Bing Ads recently announced that its shopping platform will shortly roll out to Canada and India. The service will, for the time being at least only offer its services in English. This means that the service will not be available to the French-speaking province of Quebec at this time.


Bing Shopping – Easy Expansion for Google Users

The Bing Ads Shopping Campaigns, in the same manner as their standard PPC products, are closely modelled on the services offered by Google. Indeed users of Google Shopping Ads are able to save time and effort by importing their current Google campaign and using it as the base for the Bing Ads shopping campaigns.

The shopping ads are triggered by product level searches, meaning that they often convert well as the potential customer is further along the sales funnel than in some earlier more generic searches.

Shopping Ads Offer Larger Format

In general, all shopping ads allow you to showcase your products in a larger format alongside accurate pricing and availability that is derived from a sales feed. The latest rollout makes it possible for international brands to target a greater range of countries with their ads. As product level ads vary very little between nations (and usually contain product names and basic data rather than the more elaborate descriptions used for PPC ads) it means that these ads can be rolled out relatively easily across nations that share a common language, or can be easily translated to meet local language requirements.


The Background to Bing Shopping Expansion

Canada and India are the latest countries to join the US, the UK, France, Germany and Australia with support for Bing Shopping Campaigns. Bing product ads launched in the US in 2014, with its first international expansion into the UK in April 2016.

The rollout to Canada and India comes as Microsoft announced a growth in revenue from the Bing Ads service of 15%.


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