Bing Launches Microsoft Audience Network. 

10th May 2018

The Bing Partner Summit is always one of the most important days for advertisers on the Microsoft-owned advertising platform, but the latest meeting saw the launch of a new service known as Microsoft Audience Network.

The new offering brings together a number of elements and adds extra functionality above and beyond that offered by the pre-existing Bing Audience Network.  These extra functions include the use of search-intent signals, AI capabilities and the data available from the audience graph.

Microsoft claims 63 million search users that only use its products and do not use Google. The network also uses information from the Bing search engine to gauge user intent.  Bing sees over 20 billion monthly searches per month.


What is included in the Microsoft Audience Network?

The Microsoft audience graph consists of 120 million Office365 subscribers, 1.5 billion Windows users as well as and Skype users.  There is also access to data generated by the 500 million LinkedIn profiles, making professional data a unique element in the mix.


Ads on third party sites “coming soon”

Search advertisers will be able to extend their campaigns across various Microsoft and third-party properties.  The third parties who will take the display ads have not yet been confirmed, however, it is known that they will run on Microsoft properties including MSN, and the Edge browser.


What options are available in the Microsoft Audience Network?

There are two options for marketers:

Audience ad search extensions

In the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, this is a basic approach that allows you to push your existing Bing campaign out to the broader audience of the new network

Audience ad campaigns (USA only)

These include dedicated creative and separate reporting. the A global rollout is planned for later in the year.

The deal does not displace the existing deals with AOL to run display advertising on Microsoft sites.  Both Bing Audience Network and the AOL partnership will continue to exist.

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