Bing & Google Adwords Hit By Errors

7th March 2016

In a rare case of synchronicity last week, both Google AdWords and Bing Ads suffered reporting problems. Users were hit with a number of errors that are now rectified but caused mass disruption in the PPC community.

For Google customers, reports failed to download and print from the site. The issue started in the late evening hours of Friday 25th February and was resolved during the following day. Google acknowledged the fault on Twitter and its own support forums.


Multiple Sources of Woe for Bing Advertisers

Bing users however suffered from a more extensive issue. The system failed, causing issues to the API, the Web-based user interfaces and the mobile Bing Ads app, these were later brought up to date, except conversions and Bing Shopping Campaign (BSC) data that continued to lag behind real time for around 6 hours.

Many users of Bing ads also found that their adverts have been placed into the pause mode for around 1 hour at a point during the evening/overnight period. Those affected will have received email notifications. Microsoft also acknowledges an issue that caused some products offers to appear that did not match to their shopping campaigns as well as a drop in impression volume. Bing Ads says the data is now updating.

Bing Ads had recently suffered a much more prolonged reporting snag, with historical data not being fully available for more than a week.