Bing and Google Make PPC Changes

8th May 2017

May has so far been a busy time for PPC with both Google AdWords and Bing Ads introducing and tweaking features.

Recent Changes to Google AdSense

Google has updated its policies for AdSense users to allow the placing of 300×250 sized ads above the fold.  The change to the policy is effective immediately.

A Google spokesman said,  ”After careful review, we’ve determined that when 300×250 ads are implemented above the fold in a user-friendly way, the ads do not annoy, distract, or result in ad performance issues.”

The company has reminded website accepting the ads to make sure they do not cause content to be pushed down the page or otherwise hurt the user experience or to create unintentional click from users trying to navigate the page.


Similar Audience Remarketing Rolls Out to Search and Shopping Campaigns

Google has announced the Similar Audiences feature is to begin rolling out for Search and Shopping campaigns in AdWords.

The system lets advertisers target customers based on whether they’ve searched for the same things as previous site visitors.

Similar Audiences uses search data for searches for other retailers to help you find people who are looking for the same things as your existing customers, even if they’re not on your remarketing lists.  For instance, people seeking “Holidays in Spain” can be targeted through this system for “Car Hire in Spain” or travel insurance.

This RLSA product is automatically updated. Remarketing lists are eligible for expansion through similar audiences when certain requirements such as having at least 1000 cookies, and enough recent visitors with similar search histories.


Google Customer Match Gets Global Launch

Google also announced Customer Match is now available for Shopping campaigns globally. Customer Match allows advertisers to use email lists to target Shopping campaigns to high-value customers.

This allows logged in Google searchers to be targeted with ads if the email addresses that are known to Google are also in your remarketing list.


Bing Ads Introduces Merchant Promotions

US advertisers with Bing Ads can now offer Merchant Promotions.

Merchant promotions deals are added to product ads in much the same manner as a call out to product ads. When an ad with an offer is triggered searchers can click on it to receive more information about the offer. The expanded offer includes a link to the product.


Call the Experts

Google AdWords and Bing Ads can be complicated and expensive for the beginner.  If you are looking for PPC help why not call the experts at DOM Marketing. We are a Google Premier Partner, so you know you can trust our advice.