Bing Ads Makes Changes

20th June 2018

Big changes are on the way at Bing as it advertising service rolls out upgrades to its user interface in an attempt to make it easier for clients to make bulk changes and to undertake an analysis of the performance of their PPC campaigns.


Why is Bing Ads making changes?

The changes should also make it easier for customers of the popular ad placement service to optimise individual campaigns towards better performance.

Bing Ads is the perpetual challenger to the dominance of Google and is often seen as playing catch up with its larger competitor, but it is hoped that the changes to the user interface and additional functions will encourage extra ad spend with the service


Changes to location-based adverts on Bing Ads

The rollout of the new UI is aimed at simplifying the marketing process on Bing Ads.  The changes include

  • Easy adjustments to location target settings
  • Bid adjustment by location
  • Managing location and associated bid adjustments in bulk across multiple campaigns.


A new “Location” option in the Settings tab will show the target performance in multiple campaigns in one place. Changes can be made from the report.  Previously, all changes of this kind had to be made at the level of each individual campaign.


Changes to the dimension tab on Bing Ads

As well as being able to monitor and adjust location target settings in bulk, the recent changes also mean that people are able to get deeper reporting from the Dimensions tab.  The metrics available in Dimensions reports include age, gender, geographic data, ad spend and revenue.  It is also now possible to add filters and adjust the columns shown in reports from within the Dimensions tab.


Bing Shopping adds dimensions

Advertisers who are running Bing Shopping campaigns can now use the dimensions tab to produce segmented reports that include information such as category, product type, brand, item ID and store ID.


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