Bing Ads Begins Rollout of Dynamic Search Ads

10th October 2017

US and UK advertisers are now able to run dynamic search ads on Bing and Yahoo.

DSA ads have become a favourite with users of Google AdWords, but the service has not been offered by the rival Bing service until now.


What are Bing Dynamic Search Adverts?

DSA ads are a hybrid beast.  They use the organic search crawl to find keywords on a page and then match these pages using a search relevance algorithm to advertisers who opt into the DSA programme.

The Bing ads service will also automatically create the ad headline, it will also include copy within the ad that relates to real-time signals, such as responding to buying intent or giving directions to a location.


Why Should I Use DSA Adverts?

DSA adverts make it easier for marketers to keep their ads up to date.  For businesses that frequently add new SKU’s or are in an industry with quickly evolving keywords, this can be a boon.  Not only does it mean you don’t miss out whilst changes to the campaign are in your work queue, it also means that new and emerging keywords can be easily identified.

It can also help small e-commerce site with hundreds of SKUs or model numbers, saving the site owner from having to bid on every single instance of a model or product ID.


How Will This Work For Me?

As is common with most of Bing, pre-existing DSA campaigns in Google AdWords can be imported directly to save time. Setting up new ones takes just a few steps.

To set up the new campaign simply tell Bing:

  • The new campaign name
  • The campaign budget
  • The website that should be used for the DSA ads

On the following screens, customers are able to target specific web pages and change bid rations between pages.  They are also able to add advertising copy and display paths, and advertising extensions.


Rollout of Bing DSA Ads

The rollout will continue throughout October and should reach all customers in the UK and USA by the end of the month.  If you need help optimising Bing Ads, then call on the expertise of DOM Marketing.