Bing Ads Begins Roll Out of Account Level Ad Extensions

4th April 2018

Users of both Bing ads and Google Ads always feel as though they are playing catchup when using the second most popular service.  But, the Bing Ads PPC platform is always making new additions to its platform to bring some uniformity between the service and Google.

One area that has always been neglected has been the Bing Ads Editor. The new roll out of the system allows you to control the account level advert extensions that were added to the web-based version of Bing Ads in September 2017.

Unfortunately, this upgrade has not yet added control over all of the options available at account level in the web-based editor. So far, only callout extension has been supported. However, it is expected that this is simply the first stage of the roll-out and that other extensions, e.g. call extension and page links will be added in the near future.

If you are familiar with Bing Ads Editor then using the extra controls should prove to be relatively easy. You’ll need to select the account level in the navigation in the upper right to access account-level extensions.

One thing to be aware of is that as with shared library updates, account level ad extension associations are always posted, regardless of whether all campaigns or selected campaigns are being posted.  So make sure you are happy with all changes before you commit to uploading the changes.

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