Bing Ads Adds Extended Text

20th September 2016

Bing Ads has followed the market leading Google AdWords in offering an expanded text ads service to its clients.

The service is currently a pilot, and is subject to a queuing system for authorization. The upgrade is currently being offered on a per ad account basis, rather than to all clients of an agency at once.


Conformity Across PPC Platforms

The change brings the number two player in the market in line with the market leader. More importantly, the change means that users of the service can once again use the same ads across both platforms, either through manual upload, or as a direct import into the Bing platform from its competitor.

The new format exactly mirrors that of Google AdWords. That means a 60 character headline that is split across 2 lines of 30 characters each (a significant improvement over the previous 25 character headline). There has also been an improvement to the available ad text, moving from a total of 71 characters to 80.


Changes to Display URL’s

Display URL’s in Bing have also been given a similar make over to their competitor, creating a two-part path that auto generates the domain names section of the url. This is in preference to the previous 35 character limit including the domain.

The new changes allow far more space for ads to tell a story about the business or products being advertised, which should aid click-through rates and lower bounce rates by allowing more detail. When Google bought in similar ads they suggested that test users had seen click through rates jump an average of 20%.

The test phase is open across Bing Ads. Applications to use the service should be made via the Bing ads site. There is not currently any indication when automatic enrollment in the programme will begin. Likewise (as with Google) no date has been set to phase out the old style ads, although the higher conversion rate is sure to see use of the old style dwindle rapidly.