Bing Adds Price Extensions

24th April 2018

Bing, the search engine and PPC services system from Microsoft are continuing in its efforts at playing catch-up with Google Ads by beginning the rollout of price extensions for Bing Ads.  The service has already launched in the USA, and the new ad extension is being rolled out to international markets including the UK over the next few weeks.  Unlike Google who introduced this service in March 2017 on mobile desktops, Bing ads will roll out the extension changes simultaneously to both mobile and desktop.

Price extensions appear in text ads that appear in the top spot in mobile and desktop search results. Ads that feature further down the page will not be allowed the opportunity to trigger this extension. Advertisers can use them to show prices for products or services and include up to a 25-character description with each extension.


Drop down ads

Bing offers quite a good piece of functionality here, and it sure to be something that SEM user will want to try out.  As well as offering visibility for one price extension from the ad, a “view more items” drop-down displays three additional listings that can be used to give associated products, or different colours and size combinations.


Will the first ad position become more valuable due to price extensions?

The effect of this extra real-estate is to improve the worth of the first ad.  Whilst first place is useful on a page, it doesn’t always justify the extra costs in obtaining the slot, particularly if it results in a high cost of sale.  However, the ability to feature additional products could see ad users being willing to pay more for the first spot, particularly if the drop down increases conversion rates.


Terms and conditions of Bing ads price extensions

The prices used must be visible on the landing page, and that landing page can be on a third-party retailer site, as opposed to the advertiser’s e-commerce site. This means that affiliate marketing sites will be able to land on the site directly from the Bing PPC services ad.

Once available in your market, price extensions can be set up in the Bing Ads UI, via the Bing Ads API or imported from AdWords campaigns.